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Who Are Behaviour Change Program Providers?

Who Are Behaviour Change Program Providers?

There was a time when people used to live a barbarous lifestyle with no fear of getting punished as there were no rules. However, man became more and more civilized with the passage of time and introduced rules and laws for almost every action. People who do not follow these rules have to face penalty or punishment according to the ratio of their crime or violation of any rule. Similarly, there are some rules which are set for the transport system of each country. A person should follow these traffic rules to the fullest because if he will ignore these rules then he will not be only risking his life but also the life of a next person. One such traffic rule violation is drink and drive, the violation of this rule can disqualify the license of a person which can only be restored by the help of behaviour change program providers. In this article, we will be discussing about behaviour change program providers.

Traffic rules and penalties:

The introduction of rules in various spheres of our life has made a man civilized and mature enough to understand his duties and the rights of other people. Similarly, certain rules have been set for the traffic of every country. There might be some variations in the set rules and laws from country to country but the basic traffic rules are common all across the world. Some of the basic rules which are followed throughout the world are; to pay full concentration on the road while driving and give way to pedestrians, to observe the traffic lights, signs and other boards that are indicating or guiding the driver, to  follow the instructions that have been taught in your drink driving course from Frankston.

However, when these or other traffic rules are broken then there is strong penalty which has to be paid or given according to the extent of rule violation. Drink and drive is considered as one of the biggest offence according to the traffic rules which can even disqualify your driving license.

Who are behaviour change program providers?

The license of a driver can be disqualified when the driver is found driving while being drunk. In Australia, the ratio of blood alcohol concentration should not exceed from 0.5. If the person is found guilty then his driving license is disqualified. This disqualification of the license can only be restored if a person gets the certificate or positive response from the behaviour change program providers. Behaviour change program providers are the people who teaches and aware the person everything about the drink driving offence. The type of program that is taught is according to the consumption of alcohol that was found while driving.


Behaviour change program providers are the group of people who educates the person who has violated the rule of traffic and has committed the drug driving offence. This program helps the person or driver to re-claim his driving license which has been disqualified by the government of the country. “Drink drive assist” are the best behaviour change program providers.