Private vs Public Schooling in Thailand

by Alexander Eva

Sending your kids to school might not look as easy as it seems. We are not talking about everyday preparations, helping out at the school activities or signing off various documents to admit your child. There is one more crucial decision you need to make before you do any of this: Which type of schooling is better in Thailand, private or public?Generally, parents tend to opt for public schools for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is the cost: public school do not require any kind of fees to be paid, which keeps costs to a minimum. Families with a lower monthly income will find this as a saving grace, since they can’t afford to pay fees to send their children to any British school in Bangkok and other large cities in Thailand.

Public schools do often have decent facilities and follow a standard, government approved curriculum, catered to students of all types. Nevertheless, some public schools (especially the smaller ones) tend to lag a lot in facilities and often have the problem of overcrowding in their classes. English education may be lacking as well.While there is an issue with best international school in Bangkok fees, private schools tend to offer a lot of advantages if you can afford to pay the bills. Large and established private schools offer a wide array of extracurricular activities and many world class facilities for their students to use. Classes tend to be better organized and with a smaller class size as well, which ensures that each and every child gets enough attention from their teachers.

Many private schools hire well-qualified teachers, sometimes from abroad, to ensure that children get the best possible education. Subjects like English and IT are taught to a very high standard. Nevertheless, you should first see what each private school offers – because unlike public schools, international schools tend to follow their own curriculum, which therefore can and does differ from school to school.It could be a good idea to send your children to Bangkok prep international school if possible. They offer many advantages over public schools, and if you can afford it, they seem like the way to go. This doesn’t mean that public schools are bad: they still provide a good education, and most of all they are free to attend for all Thai nationals. You can also opt for a third less popular option: home schooling. Home schooling is legal in Thailand, and such students are allowed to sit for exams, provided that they register with the Ministry of Education first.